Help them where they are
1-click Video Calls

Connect with your customers on any device.

Easily start a video call with one-click.

Invite customers to join calls from their browser with a single click. Customers don't need to install any software to get started.

Diagnose customer issues with dual video and screen sharing.

Visual Collaboration

Seamlessly guide customers to the right answer.

Get on the same page with tools to annotate on live video and shared screens.

Pause the screen or video to provide more precise direction to customers.

Annotate on shared screens and video.
Shared Screens

Easily share web and knowledge base content with customers.

Share your screen

Sharing web content takes into account your customer’s device and aspect ratio, ensuring that what you share looks clear and great from their perspective.

Leverage the content and knowledge base material that you’ve already created to help your customers.

Perfect for Customer Sales & Support


Personalize sales with video calls.

Personalize sales and build better relationships by integrating live video collaboration into your sales workflow.

Customer Support

Visually guide customers on video and screen shares.

Improve customer satisfaction and efficiency by visually guiding customers to troubleshoot and resolve common issues.